Begonia Swirl: Beaded Version

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Pink Blush
Pink Blush

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Begonia Swirl is a really lovely free pattern by Carfield Ma, available here on Ravelry

Well, way back in 2013, one of EarthFaire-ian knitters (Leslie, aka spin-it on Ravelry) worked out a beautiful addition of beads to this piece.  She charted the last 6 rows of the shawl and noted where to add beads (via a thin crochet hook).  

It came out beautifully.  That is what you see on this web page. 

And she said it was fine for us to offer it on request to our customers.  

So here on this web page we have some lace weight yarn for this shawl plus your choice of either 8/0 beads or 6/0 beads.

And Leslie's charts on how to add them will be emailed to you when we send out your kit.  

The Yarn

Her shawl, as shown here, used about 600 yards of lace weight yarn. We are not offering the same yarn, not even the same colorway.  What we have for these kits can be seen in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that. 

I noticed quite a few knitters on the Project Pages used yarn that gradually changed color as it was knit and I really like the look. 

We were able to get some of the last few bags of Lana Grossa's Lace Merino Degrade as well as their solid Lace Merino.

We got these at a great price which we pass on to you. 

The first two options are Lace Merino Degrade. The yarn is dyed so that there are long color runs that change very gradually.

Each ball is 100% virgin wool with about 437 yards (400m) per 50g ball.  So two will be in each kit. 

We have two colorways for you to choose between:

1.  Pink Blush runs from a soft pink into rose into a delicate gray. Some of the balls are wound so that the gray is on the outside and some with pink on the outside as shown in our photos.  All are the same color runs. (Sorry, sold out)

2.  Zebra is a play on grays from a soft slate gradually becoming a deep charcoal 

This last one is the solid color Lace Merino.

3.  Peony is a gorgeous merlot color. (Sorry, sold out)

The Beads

Per my calculations you will need about less than about 480 beads.  

You might like the smaller 8/0 beads for a delicate and subtle look, glowing at the edges.

Or you might prefer the more striking 6/0s, which are a bit heavier though as they are added to the edges only this could be a plus. 

Select from the drop-down menu above.