Billie Holiday: Shawlette Pattern by Susanna IC

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As of right now, Susanna requested that we not offer the pattern as a pdf.  You might be able to find that on her website  but what we can offer right now is the printed version only. 


This truly blows me away.

Billie Holiday is the pattern by Susanna IC that first caught my eye and led me to contact this amazing designer. I am so very very glad that I did. Her designs are so lovely and we are delighted to be able to share them with you.

We have plans to put these together in kits, but in the meantime we wanted to share this beauty --- if you'd like help putting together your own yarn and beads to make it with (kind of a create-your-own-kit), just email and we'll help.

I love this shawlette -- simply gorgeous. I find it such a striking piece -- the contrast between the darkness of the yarn and the glitter of the beads create a stunning constellation of beauty.

Susanna says this about Billie Holiday:

"Billie Holiday and her incomparable vocal talent inspired this generously beaded shawlette. I wanted to design a wrap that she would like to wear during her amazing jazz performances and I imagined that she would enjoy something slinky, sparkly and elegant…

"The shawlette is worked form the bottom edge in one piece starting with the beaded lace and is shaped into a crescent with simple stockinette short rows. The top bind off edge is beaded as well for additional appeal. As intricate as the lace pattern may seem it uses only basic stitches, the reverse rows are simply purled and addition of the beads is optional."


This is beautiful. Did I say that already?

You can use any lace or fingering weight yarn for this -- about 425 yards.

Susanna added silver-lined crystal beads to create a sparkle against the rich dark blue hues of the yarn, a look like stars against the midnight sky. The design calls for about 450 size 6/0 beads, and though these are optional they really enhance the look, in my opinion.

You will need also a very thin crochet hook (size 14 or thinner) add the beads to the work.



Absolutely lovely -- a piece worthy of its namesake indeed.