Bird of Paradise/ A Flying Peacock Feather Bracelet Bracelet

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Finally back in stock! :-)

Interestingly, though, these latest daggers (while labeled with the same color name) have a significant bit more teal blue to them than the original ones. I took a photo -- see the last one on this page. I think these are simply lovely!


This is a variation of a bracelet we had originally designed last year, with some striking purple peacock dagger beads in the smaller 3x10mm size. We had run out of these and sadly our importer had no more -- and so they were off the site for some months. We just found a stunning new dagger, in a rich and glowing Marea Blue/Gold/Green color that we simply love. And so we are revamping this design but offering it in quite a different color mix for you.


This is a wonderful bracelet, made with such unique beads! They remind us of the fantastic tropical Bird of Paradise, with glorious colors through all its feathers.

These new daggers are stunning mix of greens and blues and golds that seem to glow with their own light. The gold is mostly on one side -- that is from the Marea finish --- and the other side of each dagger alternates between a beautiful Caribbean blue and a striking Emerald green. I threaded them on randomly so that the finished piece is a medley of jumbled and glorious hues.

We wanted to knit a bracelet that would highlight the daggers, and make their texture and color stand out in glory. As these are smaller daggers (compared to the Flying Feathers Bracelets and their variations) the daggers are placed much more densely and the whole is a stunning and solid piece of beauty.

This design gives a true showcase to the daggers.

We felt that we had to find a special clasp to carry on the gold tones of the daggers and add to the overall look. We show here the wonderful gold tone pewter filigree toggle clasp that we felt picked up the golds of the daggers without taking over the piece -- we are very pleased with it. Some of the kits might have a somewhat different clasp -- rest assured it will be lovely.


Each of these new kits will include a spool of metallic thread in a deep rich forest green shot through with the perfect matchings of teal and gold -- as if the thread were made for these new daggers! We will also include 8/0 beads in a color to complement the whole -- if you prefer something to emphasize the blue over the green, let me know. The original bracelet used green beads; teal would also look great. And about 150 of the daggers will be included in your kit, well more than you will need most likely.

The Bird of Paradise bracelet shown here was done with 8 stitches (and thus 7 beads) across -- we like the wider cuff aspect. Of course, it needed a few more beads to do this and so this is has a lot of daggers (close to 125) in the kit as it is set up. This should give a bracelet between 7" and 8" without any other adjustments. The original one had been made with only six stitches (and thus five beads) across and came out stunning so that is one option for increasing the size if you need to. Also, there are plenty of the size 8/0 beads and enough thread to make it larger and some suggestions for doing so are part of the pattern. Alternatively, if you would prefer more daggers to make the larger piece, email us first to check for availability, and we will set it up with you. as well.

A dental floss threader will be included in the kit to make it easy to pre-string the beads onto the thread.

You will need to provide your own knitting needles -- we used size 0/2mm though as I tend to knit loosely (and gauge is not a major factor) you can also plan to make this with size 1s without a problem.

This is a very easy bracelet to make ---enjoyable to make and wonderful to wear.

Note that the kit will not automatically include the pattern.

The pattern can be gotten either emailed to you or printed out -- the drop-down menu offers these options. If you feel you don't need a pattern, then there is a "No Pattern Needed" choice as well.

Quite lovely indeed.