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Kit A:  Magnolia + Mona Lisa
Kit A: Magnolia + Mona Lisa
Kit B:  Pebble + The Scream
Kit B: Pebble + The Scream
Arella's original cowl.
Arella's original cowl.

Only 2 kits (both Kit A) left in stock!


This cowl is quite striking. 

By  Arella Seaton, Bird Tribe is a mosaic knit that is sure to keep your interest.  And as a gift (if you could bear to give it away) it would be most well received for sure. 


Be sure to get your pattern directly from the designer on her Ravelry page here What we have put together are yarn kits for knitting this. 


The Design

Here is what Arella writes:

The Bird Tribe cowl is the first pattern of the mosaic Birds neckwear collection, featuring original bold graphics inspired by Peruvian textiles, created specially for this design.

The cowl is knitted from bottom up in mosaic stockinette stitch, casting on three stitches and increasing at the beginning and end of each right side row. After completing the flap, stitches are cast on for the back of the neck and joined for knitting in the round.

The Main Colour can be solid, speckled or slightly variegated, as long there is good contrast with the Contrasting Colour.

The Yarn and Colorways

Our kits use different yarns than the ones the designer used in her original.  You can see ours in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that. 

Each of our kits contains one skein of a solid color yarn and one of a variegated. 


The solid color yarn is from Mirasol, and I just have to share this bit of data about this yarn company: 

Made from rich alpaca, wool, cotton and bamboo sourced from the Peruvian Andes, our plush fibres come in a range of stunningly vibrant colours that are a delight to knit with. The irresistible softness will provide garments with a unique touch that assures the best quality so you will never want to wear anything else. And it's so lasting, you'll never have to!

And all this luxury comes with the extra benefit of knowing that you are contributing to supporting the children of Peruvian alpaca shepherds.


This particular solid colored yarn we have here is called Qulla, and is 90% merino/ 10% mulberry silk.  There is 382 yards (350m) per 100g skein. 

Our variegated yarn is from Louisa Harding, called Pittura, a 75% wool/ 25% viscose from bamboo.  It has 437 yards (400m) per 100g ball. 


Kit A:  Quilla in Magnolia, a lovely cream + Pittura in Mona Lisa, with chocolate and oranges with some reds and cedar and cream.    

Kit B:  Quilla in Pebble, a very pale blue-gray + Pittura in The Scream (all the colorways are named after artworks),  a vibrant blend of aqua, navy, purple, lime, yellow, green.