Birdsong Lace Shawl: Pink Pansy: Beaded Kits

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Pink Pansy
Pink Pansy
Another version Hayley knit.  You can see the beads well in this photo.
Another version Hayley knit. You can see the beads well in this photo.
And this one shows the stitchwork very well.
And this one shows the stitchwork very well.

The Birdsong Lace Shawl started its life as a MKAL.  It has now been revealed in all its beaded glory!


Make sure to get your pattern directly from the designer, Hayley Tsang Sather,  on her Ravelry page here.

What we offer is some yarn and beads that will knit up beautifully for this.


The Design

Here is what Hayley writes:

Birdsong Lace Shawl is a crescent-shape shawl with interesting textures based on the concept of the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts. The ever-changing design also makes Birdsong a fun and engaging knit.

Birdsong is worked from the top down with increases on the sides and throughout the body and uses approximately 600 yards / 550 meters of fingering-weight yarn. It may also be knitted in heavy lace weight for a more open lacy fabric, or heavier sport/dk-weight yarn to showcase the stitch patterns more.

Birdsong may be knitted with or without beads.

Yarn and Colorways

Our kits use different yarn than what Hayley used in her original.  You can see ours in the inset photos on the top picture on this page and again below that.  Hayley's photos are here to better show you the design and to allow for your imagination to soar!

Notice above that this shawl can be knit successfully with anything from heavy lace weight yarn to a dk weight -- the lighter yarns empahsizing the laciness and the heavier ones showcasing the stitch patterns. 

We selected Paradigm from Trendsetter.  Composed of 95% merino wool + 5% poly-metal, each cake is roughly 660 yards/ 150g.  The "poly-metal" is subtle silver threads that adds a marvelous glow to the whole. 

The yarn has been dyed with very long color runs so that the entire shawl will come together into a beautiful fade.  We chose a very happy colorway.

Pink Pansy is a lovely cool blend of rose, gradually lightening and morphing into pale glacier and then deepening into a marvelous summer sky. 


Well, of course we will be including beads in your kit!

Hayley recommends either size 6/0 or 5/0 triangles for this beauty.  She suggests that one can bead all or just some of these sections.

Section C 18 beads
Section D 79 beads
Section E 110 beads
Section G 226 beads
Section I 305 beads
Section J 465 beads
Total 1203 beads


The kit as set up here will give you about 40g of size 6/0 beads, or about 480 + or - beads (roughly 12 beads per gram). 

That will allow you to bead sections C through G or another combination of sections -- as examples, you will have enough to add beads to Section J alone if that appeals, or Section I plus any one of C, D or E.  Totally your choice.

If you would like more than enough beads for all of the possibilities, there is that option via the drop-down menu labeled "Kits." You will need just a few more than 100g (we'll make sure you have extra.)

One other point:  if you prefer the 5/0 triangles as your beads, tell me via the Comments section as you check out. Just be aware that 40g will only give you about 440 beads (11 beads per gram).

And do tell me if you have a preference on bead color. Otherwise I will choose for you.