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Amethyst Purple (2 balls will be in your kit) + Domino
Amethyst Purple (2 balls will be in your kit) + Domino
This and the following photos show Dorothy's original shawls.
This and the following photos show Dorothy's original shawls.

Another marvelous thinking-outside-the-box design by Dorothy Bulac-Eriksen, Bjayzl is a fantastic way to play with yarns of varying weights and colors.  


Get your pattern directly from the designer via her Ravelry shop here.  What we offer for this kit are some very intriguing yarns...


The Design

Here is what the designer writes:

What makes this shawl special is the opposition of the thicker yarn of the commanding ‘spines’ to the delicate nature of the ‘webs’ in between.

This shallow triangle is started at the small end and grows with every set of spine and web. It’s your choice of the yarn combination, as long as your spine yarn is thicker than your web yarn.

It’s also your choice as to the size. It can be done as a small kerchief or as a longer, more dramatic shawl.

Yarn and Colorways

Dorothy suggests for this piece to pick out a combination of thinner yarn + thicker yarn.  One example: Sport, DK or Worsted with Fingering weight combo.

If you look closely at Dorothy's original scarf, you will notice the colorway that is the spines is an almost-solid sport weight while the "webbing" in between is a fingering weight color-changing yarn (she used Zauberball Crazy in Domino).

We do not offer the same colorways as Dorothy used.  You can see our kit in the upper lefthand corner of the top photo on this page and again below that. 

Dorothy recommends at least 270 yds / 247 m of the DK weight yarn and about 460 yds / 420m of the fingering weight. 

Our Kit:

1.  We followed Dorothy's lead and have the lighter fingering weight yarn as a ball of Zauberball Crazy (75% wool + 25% nylon, 459 yards (420 meters) per 100g ball), a marvelous plied yarn wherein two strands of the main ply have been dyed individually and then twisted together for a crazy combination! The end result is a self-striping multi-colored pattern. 

The colorway we have for this kit is also Domino (which is what Dorothy used for her scarf as seen in the top photo). It is song of neutrals, playing with blacks and grays and creams.

2.  Instead of a golden hued DK weight yarn (as Dorothy used) we decided to go with a cool rich jeweltone and chose Ella Rae's Classic Superwash, 100% superwashable wool with 219 yards per 100g ball, in Amethyst Purple

Note: This might seem that this is a less yardage than Dorothy recommends. However, she knit with sport weight yarn and when I checked the projects by test knitters who used worsted weight, it seems that one ball could very well be just fine.  


Each kit will include one ball of each yarn.  If you would like a "safety" skein, let me know and I'll work that out with you.