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Romi's original, © Romi
Romi's original, © Romi
You can see the beads here.
You can see the beads here.

Wow, this is awesome!

A beautiful beaded shawl in lace weight yarn, here we have put together some kits for Blackjack by Rosemary (Romi) Hill

Please get your pattern from Romi's Ravelry page here What we have to offer is yarn and beads to make this lovely creation.

The Design

Here is what Romi writes: 

“Hill, Romi Hill” I say in answer to the question. I stare up through my eyelashes as I sip my martini, shaken not stirred of course. Wrapped lovingly around my shoulders: cashmere, with the slightest hint of glimmer from the beads around the edge. I am dressed to kill. Literally.

“Ma’am? Ma’am? What was that name?” the Starbucks barista asks. I shake my head, the image of Monte Carlo giving way to the lobby outside a South Lake Tahoe dinner theatre. “Oh. Romi,” I say. And sigh.

Lovely and lacy, this half pi shawl of decadent cashmere lace is simple–unforgettable–diamonds covering its expanse. A beaded edge adds just a touch of elegant bling, perfect for that night out.

Yarn and Colorways

Well, our yarn is not decadent cashmere but it is an absolutely delicious blend of extrafine merino and mulberry silk. 

Our yarns can be seen in the inset photo on the top picture (upper righthand corner) and again below that. 

From Shibui Knits, Lunar is a 60% extra fine merino/ 40% mulberry silk, with 401 yards/ 365m per 50g skein.

Petal was released a few months ago as a limited edition color.  It is a lovely berry color, that sings not only of summer flowers but also cranberries, poinsettas and holly berries.  So it is perfect for any time of year. As a limited edition, it is no longer being dyed.  Once these are gone -- poof! -- no more....

As Romi recommends for this piece 510 yards (466 m) of lace weight yarn, two skeins are included in each kit.  The pattern is written for one size but with the possibilitiy of up-sizing so this will give you plenty for that. 

The Beads

The pattern recommends 95 seed beads, size 6/0 ( or 191 beads for optional enlarged version of shawl).

And as you will have enough yarn for the larger version, we will include in each kit a bit more than the larger number of beads (about 20g of beads = roughly 240 size 6/0 beads).

If you have a preference for bead color, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you.