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Colorway #43 Kōnan
Colorway #43 Kōnan
Colorway #39 Anjō
Colorway #39 Anjō

A beautiful and quite unique design using two balls of the gorgeous Ito yarn from Noro. 


For a short time only, KFI is allowing us to offer the pattern for this scarf free with purchase of the yarn!  We will email you the PDF for this beauty. 

The pattern is by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton and was originally offered in Noro Magazine #18.


The Design

Here is what is written about this Block Party Scarf: 

Hamilton uses her signature openwork technique to create the negative spaces in her stunning wearable-art shawl, which uses garter stitch and just two skeins of Ito. As it grows, panes are picked up, making this a seam-free project.

The finished measurements will be about 10 1/2" (27 cm) in width and 80" (205 cm) in length. 

Yarn and Colorways

We offer the same yarn that the designer used for her original piece though our colorways are different.  You can see what we have to offer in the upper right-hand corner of the top photo on this page and again below that. 

The yarn is Ito, from Noro.  Here I quote again: 

Ito is a slubby, worsted weight, 100% wool that comes in BIG 200 gram/ 437 yard balls. One of NORO's most colorful creations, Ito provides an ever-changing color spectrum as you knit...We dare you to count the number of colors you can find in each ball of Ito!

We have brought in two colorways, one quite bright and warm, the other darker and cooler.

1.  Colorway #43 Kōnan:  The main colors I see are bright orange, pink, and red with short hightlights of lime and yellow and sky blue as well. 

2.  Colorway #39 Anjō:  I see mostly midnight blue, indigo, violet, black, and royal purple with spurts of fuchsia, navy, orange, beige, rust and blue.  

Each kit includes two balls of Ito in the colorway of your choice.

If for any reason you would prefer only one ball of Ito, tell me and I'll set you up with a special kit. 


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