Bloom/ Pattern by Jane Thornley

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Oh wow and wow again!

This new design by Jane Thornley makes me want to sing!

Bloom is a (to quote Jane here) "...bright, fun to knit, wrap that combines Inner Circles with free-range knitting to evoke the ebullient glee of spring first blooms."


Plus: "This time I've written the pattern with row-by-row instructions to encourage those whose knees knock at the thought of free-range. I'm hoping you may try this as a gentle easement into a more relaxed knitting style."

Bear in mind you don't need to have the e-book Inner Circles -- all of the directions are here in this pattern; it is completely self-contained. It takes the basic concept that was explored in that e-book and expands it into a most glorious piece.

All you need is a spirit of adventure!

And it helps to have a stash of marvelous yarns and ribbons to draw from...

Choose between a hard copy (printed and mailed) or a PDF via the drop-down menu above. 

Fun and joyful -- what better song to celebrate Spring?