Blue Heron/ Rayon Metallic/ Free Pattern Suggestion!

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Winter Sky
Winter Sky

These yarns are truly breathtaking -- of the kind that makes you gasp and go oh-my-goodness-gracious!

By Blue Heron Yarns, these are 88% rayon and 12% metallic. The yarn has a marvelous coolness to it; the overall feel is rather delicious.  No need to fear that the metallic threads make it icky and scratchy -- this is a wonderful yarn and the hand is great. 

Each 8 ounce skein has 550 yards, thus giving you enough for many projects in one skein. 


My absolute favorite pattern for these yarns is a lovely free one from  It is fairly simple and allows the yarn to really shine:  Dunes from Issue #11 of  I've seen worked it up in this yarn -- unfortunately I don't have photos (I'd have had to rip it off the shoulders of the knitter I met).   

Another that seems to work very well with one skein is Mindy Ross's Early Morning Rain.  With or without beads, the yarn makes this a perfect wrap for warmer weather wear. 


We brought in a number of colorway you can choose from.

Our Winter Sky is a most sophisticated beauty!  This is dyed on a yarn with silver threads.  Overall a play on grey and lilac.  Striking -- a real stand-out. 

Indigo is a rich delight!  This is a tonal blend of deep blues with silver threads running through the whole.  This is a very subtle variegation with just some of the blues being a bit lighter than others.

Celadon is bright and happy, a true spring-or-summer look.  The metallic threads are gold; the yarn is dyed in a pale sage with slight variegations, some a bit more golden.  Beautiful. 

Tapestry is just stunning and would make for a very dramatic piece!  A velvety deliciousness, this one has golden threads thorughout and plays with the colors you might see in a Medici ballroom.  I see chocolate and black and plum as the main colors. (Sorry, sold out)