Blue Moon/ Variation on Moonrise Neckpiece

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A while back, Sivia sent me a very dramatic photo of one of the knit Moonrise Neckpieces she has been working on, for herself, as a joyous fun playtime.

The true creative genius behind the design is her friend Annette Crocker of Vancouver.

Here is the overall idea, according to Sivia: "The "extra" technique has to do with making a wave of texture or color, so that the piece starts one way, moves to another texture or color in the center, and ends like the beginning.

" In my piece, I started with small beads, gradually adding bigger/longer beads until the center is quite a riot of texture, then go back to small. You have to experiment a little to see how long a length of beads to leave for the beginning and ending sections in order to come out right in the center, and of course this is all quite variable.

" I hope you get what I mean... my friend calls this "design by guess and by golly" and I think she is right. It is a lot of fun to play with though! She has been doing this with color, which looks amazing...

"I am starting one now with black turning to gold in the center. You can see that it would be fun to mix textures with color too. I am sure you are getting ideas of your own by now?"


So I got to thinking -- and playing. And we have a few ideas and designs that we have been offering using this very inspiration.

Here we offer Blue Moon, a play on blues and crystals with a few violets as well as some random colors for drama. Among the daggers we used here are a most unusual blue vitral "tie-dyed" type. And all of this is on a silver thread with silver findings for the clasp.


I used slightly smaller beads for the first section with a few larger ones in overall round shapes, then gradually added larger crystals and quite dramatic daggers for the center portion, then moving back to the original beads for the end section. (All the beads in the kit are packaged together in one or two larger containers -- it is up to you to pick and choose what you would like for where.)

I finished it off with a clamp at each end, two jump rings, a lobster clasp, and what is called a necklace extender (because it ended up a bit too short, to be honest -- I misjudged). A necklace extender allows you to add up to 3" to the length of the piece, depending on which link you connect the clasp to.

We can offer a very similar piece, though every necklace done with this technique comes out differently and uniquely your own.

The pattern is the same as for all of the Moonrise Necklaces -- you have the option to get it or not via the drop-down menu.

Note that the kit will not automatically include the pattern. We offer three options. I know some of you might already have made other necklaces that are made along the same lines, the only real changes being the beads and the colors. If you feel you do not need another pattern, simply choose "No Pattern Needed."

If you would like a printed copy, please make sure the "Pattern" drop-down menu is set to that.

We also can email the pattern to you, though I have to do it manually and usually send it right before I mail the kit (please be patient). Just make sure that drop-down menu is set as you would like before you check out.

Again, the pattern has not been changed from the original Moonrise Neckpiece -- it is completely the same. It is up to you to do the "playing," as Sivia describes above.

We will include one 20 meter spool of silver thread (Tapestry Braid #12 from Kreinik).

The kit will automatically include clamps plus a lobster clasp and a jump ring or a split ring. The necklace extender is a possibility -- we have a few available -- though it is not automatically part of this kit now.

This truly is a great opportunity to play with beauty -- can be majorly joyous!

Sound like fun? Absolutely!