Blue Sky Over Sienna Jacket/Cardigan pattern by Jane Thornley

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Inspired by the colors of Tuscany, Jane Thornley has created a wonderful recipe for a cardigan/jacket here. Almost 12 pages of pattern takes you on a glorous adventure, creating with color and vibrancy a truly unique garment.

Here I quote Jane:

"The enchanted landscape of the Sienna region of Tuscany inspired the design for this elegant jacket/cardigan. It’s a celestial sky blue spanning an earthy blend of terracotta, the contrasting textures akin to tiled roofs overlooking rolling hills. Knit in thick, textury yarns, the sleeves are as full as a poet’s shirt while the torso slips a lean, flattering rib stitch over your curves. The body's mix of tapes and ribbons creates the look of hand-woven silk while the sleeves brim in a fulsome mix of textury fiber. Optional buttons line the front. Knit side to side, the pattern can easily be adapted to any size with my ‘smart sizing’ solutions (so simple!).

As with all my ‘free-range’ patterns, knit this one with almost any yarn. However, for the lean, body-shaping effect, the two lead yarns used in the jacket’s body work together to create a lovely effect. The jacket pictured is light and so flexible, it will literally spring back into shape. Slim lines are created by knitting rows of a thin yarn amid bands of thicker, textured, fibers in 'random rib', a simple rib stitch, knit side to side on size 5.5mm needles. Sound complicated? It isn’t. Side to side rib knitting is pure liberation, an answer to sizing nightmares and a way to multicolor a rib without Fair Isle’s extra weight."

And Jane guides the "Stash Gatherings" to help us forage for the perfect yarn combinations. You will be working with a total of about 1500 yards, depending on fiber choices -- her original used about 550 yards of the main color and about 600 yards of mixed fiber besides. Which, I realize, doesn't add up to 1500 but you would want to have extra on hand to make sure that you don't run out while designing your creation.

Jane adds an interesting Note about her Free Range Knitting Patterns and again I want to quote her:

"We've all been taught to follow instructions (and a good thing, too). Yet, sometimes our reliance on what to do next amputates our own exploration and creativity. While my free-range patterns provide step-by-step instructions, I always encourage deviations...."

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Make something truly your own creation. And fun too.