Bohemian Sundance/ Shawl Pattern by Jane Thornley

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A wonderful new creation by Jane Thornley that is a perfect way to celebrate summer with its glorious colors and cast-troubles-to-the-breeze ambience!

Here is what Jane writes:

I designed this wrap to be so easy, you barely need to spare a brain cell to complete. It's one long rectangle knit in seed and a simple netting lace designed to drape and flow around your body this summer. Not too heavy and too cool for words. Mine's in colors too hot to handle. Ha!

Knit bright! Who needs more dull?

I couldn't agree more!

This web page offers a hard copy of the pattern, all 9 pages, printed out on heavy duty paper and slid into a sheet protector. If you prefer a PDF file, Jane offers that on her website.

This is a great opportunity to go "stash diving" and supplement what you find with some vibrant yarns perfect for the season.

What fun!