Botanical Knits 2/ by Alana Dakos

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I don't know if this is true of you, but I much prefer actual books over downloaded ones. I like being able to browse slowly over breakfast, or put a bookmark in a pattern that appeals to me while I hunt through stash. I like the feel of paper and the details I can see in the photos and find I can read it all so much better. I am probably old-fashioned and an old fogey at that, a bit of a Luddite....

That being said, we have here in book form the most lovely Botanical Knits 2.

Subtitled Twelve more inspired designs to knit and love, this is the follow-up collection to Alana's lovely Botanical Knits, which each design singing of the beauty of nature. Here I quote the back of the book: "From the cables of a sweater-coat to the delicate lace motifs of a shawl, the essence of plant life is worked into each of the four sweaters and eight accessories included in this book."

I copied a few of the designs for you to see on this page. Personally, there are quite a few from this collection that I really like; and hope you do too!

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The W/ Kits
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