Branches and Dunes Evocative Guide/ Jane Thornley

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Jane has done it again!

A wonderful booklet-sized pattern that is chock full of ideas and patterns for creating knitted pieces that are just perfect --- specifically and uniquely for you!

Here is what she writes:

"Here's to all things bright and beautiful, to turning leaves and ripening berries, to pumpkins, corn and aspens. My new evocative guide, Branches and Dunes, has 5 new designs to explore, including a flowing vest, a top, a serape, a wrap and a scarf. Each is designed for yarnplay, an invitation to mix silk, mohair, wool, ribbon and fleece.

"Five designs play with a single stitch, one that's gone by many names over the years but which dances free here amid variations of color and texture. Try a scarf with stepped ends or a top meant to be layered over something long. Consider the serape but wear it cross-wize across the shoulders or maybe a shorter wrap is more your style? Or, maybe the flowing vest appeals to you with its loose, easy, flow."

This is a real treasure.

Jane Thornley's patterns are unlike other more step-by-step designs -- she explains and describes and instructs and gives you license to take off in your own direction. She'll tell you what kinds of yarns she suggests and a total yardage you should have, while the mixing and the playing with colors are totally yours.

Great fun -- give it a try!


Please note that this web page offers Jane's Guide in a printed-out hard copy form, twenty-three pages put into a sheet protector or a binder and mailed to you. If you prefer a PDF file to print yourself, Jane offers that on her own website.


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