Brioche Knitting: Useful Links


Brioche knitting has become my favorite type of knitting lately.

Recently I was asked to describe why and I had to think about it.

Well, Brioche has a lovely rhythm to it but then, most knitting has a lovely rhythm to it. 

Brioche is reversible which is really nice -- great for shawls and wraps, wonderful for scarves. Often the two sides mirror each other though not always; the colors are always reversed though. Having no right-side or wrong-side and a choice of predominant color depending on mood and clothing is a major plus. 

I love giving a brioche hat as a gift and casually mentioning that it is actually two hats in one. The fact that the hat can be worn with either side out for two very different looks --- in and of itself that is a giant smile-maker.

And, of course, if you have the patience to knit them, it is great to have two-sided afghans. 

I really like how the designs form. The stitches tend to create beautiful curves, very reminiscent of the Art Nouveau style which really sings to me. 

Plus brioche has a wonderful plush-i-ness to it (I know that isn't really a word but it should be). It just feels so marvelous -- as delicious as the bread it is named after. :-)

Here are some links that deal with Brioche knitting that I have found very useful:

One-Color Brioche:

Two-Color Brioche:

Wondering what to do about sevedges?

Deals with synchopation, and changing what yarn does what:

And this one is an interesting new approach - one pass brioche: