Buried Treasure Socks/ A Beaded Pattern/ Bead Gift

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A very neat little pattern by one of our very favorite designers, Sivia Harding.

I am going to let Sivia tell you about these:

"I have wanted for a long time to make intensely cabled socks, and here they are... elegant socks with cables galore, plus a “buried treasure” of glittering beads. The cables cause the leg to draw in more than usual, so the number of leg stitches has been increased to compensate. These extra stitches are then decreased in the gusset with a special technique."

These socks were first published in Yarn Magazine Issue 8, November 2007.

The pattern requires 380 yards of fingering weight yarn to make a woman's medium to large pair. It also uses size 8/0 seed beads, approx. 226 (254) beads for medium (large) sock.

As our special gift to you, should you purchase the pattern with enough yarn to make it at the same time, we will include the 8/0 beads. If you have a preference as to color, let us know. Otherwise we will simply match beads to yarn -- or contrast them if you tell us you'd prefer that look.