Byzantia: Pattern by Nim Teasdale

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You can choose the downloadable PDF version of the pattern or the hard copy printed out and mailed -- it is your choice. 


Byzantia is a lovely beaded beauty by Nim Teasdale

She writes: 

Byzantia is the last in the Otherwhere series: a playful collection of adventures in history and mythtory, each designed to be interactive.

Where is the adventure?

  • Start with an optional plain section in stockinette or garter,

  • or begin with the small lace and use the large lace as the edging ,

  • or begin with the large lace and use the small pattern for the edging (as pictured).

Move between the large and small patterns as often as you like.

Size is entirely adaptable. Keep going as long as you like, and finish on any row of either pattern to maximise yarn usage.

Optional beading.

Written and charted, with pattern rows on the right side only.

Adaptable to anything from lace weight to dk.