Caladan/ Beaded Shawl Pattern

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I just finished putting some kits together for this most lovely design, and wanted to offer the pattern as well.

Caladan is a most lovely beaded piece, created by Barbara Benson. It is a shawl design that is very clearly written -- so the knitting is fun -- and the lines of the stitches added to the beads of the embellishments, make for an amazingly lovely piece.

I quote Barbara here:

Caladan is the stormy and windswept ocean home world of House Atreides; the watery and wavy elements of this crescent shaped shawl were designed to evoke these images, with some beautiful beads added in for fun. It is particularly well suited to watery colored variegated yarns, not to say that it wouldn’t look fabulous in other colors!

Caladan is the fifth shawl in my Dune series of crescent shaped shawls inspired by the House Atreides. It requires intermediate knitting skills including wrong side patterning, beading, and complex decreases. Experienced lace knitters will find enough to keep them interested and beginning lace knitters will probably find it a challenge.

In the pattern, you will find the instructions are provided completely written out, with a chart option for the bulk of the lacework.

The full sized shawl will take between 450 - 500 yards. During test knitting there was considerable variance in yardage used, so there is also an option for a slightly smaller version of the shawl for those with skeins of fingering weight in the 400 - 450 yard range. Barbara also adds a suggestion as to where to start a contrast color edging if that is a better solution for you -- so no need to be too terribly concerned about running out. One of her test knitters found that the small version took her 416 yards -- but that can be variable depending on gauge. As Barbara put it when I queried her: "Yardage is such a funny beast and every knitter knits to a different gauge." So keep this in mind as you choose the yarn you'd like to make this in.

For beads, you will be using about 400 size 6/0 beads. And don't forget that you'll need a very thin crochet hook for adding the beads, and size 6 (US)/ 4.0mm needles (or thereabouts).

A beauty -- worthy of a fantasy world indeed!