Calendula: Beads Kits in Choice of 2 COTY!

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Not A Big Teal (one cake per kit)
Not A Big Teal (one cake per kit)
Fabulous Flamingo (one cake per kit)
Fabulous Flamingo (one cake per kit)
A smaller version, knit in a gradient yarn and showing lots of beads.
A smaller version, knit in a gradient yarn and showing lots of beads.
A larger one with beads just at the edges.
A larger one with beads just at the edges.

By Susanna IC, Calendula began its life as a MKAL. 

The Design

Here is what Susanna writes about it: 

A sister pattern to the popular Marigold stole, this design was inspired by the vividly colored calendula flowers that brighten gardens and the countryside during summer months.

Calendula is my classic top-down short row crescent shawl with three size options, Large, Medium, and Small, all of which can be customized even further.

The short rows are worked in garter stitch, so the wraps can be left in place, unworked, hidden within the texture. The lace pattern (charted and fully written) is easy enough even for a novice lace knitter because it includes only basic stitches and the wrong side lace rows are all simply purled.

There are beads added throughout the lace and three different beading options are charted, but the project will work just as well without any beads.

The Yarn and Colorways

The yarn we have for these kits are not the same as what Susanna used for her originals (shown on this page).  You can see our yarn on the left-hand side of the top photo and again below that.

Susanna writes that all of the sizes of the shawl can be worked in lace or fingering, as well as sport weight and DK yarns (heavier yarns may require extra yardage and larger needles, of course).

She recommends solid, tonal, and gradient or ombre yarns -- all will work with this lace beautifully.

We chose yarns which gradually change in hue to form a lovely gradient.  And these are plant-based yarns of 100% cotton so they will be perfect for warmer weather. 

What we have put together for this are kits in Skacel's delightful Concentric Cotton.  Each cake is 100% pima cotton with a color gradient that spans the full 929 yards/ 200 grams. 

We have two colorways you can choose between. Both were selected as Color of the Year (COTY), one in 2020 and one in 2021. 

1.  The Color of the Year for 2020 was named Kind of a Big Teal.   It starts with a very pale blue (almost white) and increases the intensity of the hue as you work into the cake, to a light blue, a teal, and then a dark teal. 

2. The Color of the Year fro 2021 is Fabulous Flamingo.  A warm and quite striking colorway, it features coral blending into peach blending into fuchsia.  

In this pattern, the large size ends up at about 25” / 63.5 cm (center depth) x 63” / 160 cm (wingspan)  and a medium size at 18” / 46 cm (center depth) x 54” / 137 cm (wingspan).  These require approximately 575 - 625 yards  and 425 - 475 yards respectively. 

So one cake will make the larger size, in this heavy fingering/sport weight yarn.  And that is how these kits are set up -- the yarn plus the beads (as described below). 

The Beads

The beads are optional but as they add so much to the whole we are including them in each kit. 

Susanna has the pattern set up to give you bead options for "lots of beads / fewer beads / just edges."   For the large size, one would use 976 / 434 / 127 respectively.

 Our kits will give you 6/0 beads, in the amount needed for "just edges" with no additional cost.  (We will give you a few more than the needed 127 beads.)

If you wish, you can change the amounts using the "lots of beads", "fewer beads" or "just edges"  that you see on the drop-down menu labeled Kits.  The "lots" and "fewer" will both add somewhat to the cost. 

The "Lots of Beads" choice will give you more than the needed 976 size 6/0s.  The "Fewer Beads" option gives you a bit more than the needed 434 beads

And be sure to tell me if you have a preference on bead color.  Otherwise I will choose for you.



Please note that the cost of the pattern has not been added to the price of this kit. 

Many prefer to get their patterns via Ravelry and have them saved in their library there. We thus offer three options via the drop-down menu labeled "Pattern."

1. You could get pattern on the designer's Ravelry page.  In this case, you would select "No Pattern Needed" via the drop-down menu as you won't be getting the pattern from us.

2. Alternatively, we can email you the pattern ourselves -- just bear in mind that we have to do it manually and usually do so right before shipping the kit.

3. Or if you would like we can print out the pattern for you and mail it with your kit.

Just make sure the "Pattern" drop-down menu is set as you would like it to be.