Carpe Diem! / Pattern by Kristi Holaas

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Carpe Diem! means Seize the Day! in Latin -- I love the concept. Go out and do!

And when Kristi come up with this pattern, I was extra delighted. Sometimes those gorgeous variegated yarns are hard to find a great pattern to match with -- and this is perfect!

So here's a great way to use those yarns that are so enticing in the skein, be they fingering or lace weight. Yum!

Kristi originally created this shawl with multicolor, highly variegated yarns in mind and you can see how great that worked. The design steadily increases in size as the shawl grows. Fun and very satisfying to knit.

Beads are an option and you can choose to use them throughout the body or in your choice of edgings. If you want to add beads, Kristi suggests 6/0s for fingering weight and 8/0 for lace weight. These are added with the crochet hook method, so figure on a very thin tool there as well.

A formula is included to utilize your lovely skein to it’s full capacity! The pattern is written in charts only for now. Skill Level is intermediate/medium difficulty as it is patterned on both RS and WS of the shawl.

This web page gives you the hard copy of the pattern, 5 pages printed on heavy weight paper, slid into a sheet protector, and sent to you.

So here is the basic data on what you will need to make this beauty:

Any Fingering or Lace Weight Multicolor Yarn, about 440 to 460 yards for the small, 575 to 625 yards for the medium, and 750 to 850 yards for the large.

For the beads, the small needs about 310 for the edging and 200 more if you choose to add them to the body, the medium 450 + 275 (ditto) and the large 530 + 444 (again).