Cat In The Window/ Handcrafted Pin

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A really special pin, great for ornamenting knit or crochet pieces or even to be used as a shawl pin.

This is from Seeka, the artist: 

Wearing this Pin is like wearing a miniature artwork, the intricate design is hand painted and set within a very light stainless steel frame.

Austrian crystals, beads and a variety of other materials are delicately assembled and set in artist's resin resulting in a beautifully finished and durable piece.

The collection conveys a refreshingly unique and highly creative signature. The pin is exceptionally well made and is produced in limited editions. 

A 3-D scene, with the cat being on a different plane than the window, this is a beauty that should appeal to all cat-lovers. 

I measure it as roughly 1 1/2" at its widest point and 2" tall.

A wonderful gift.