Celestial Re-mix from Sunflower Designs/ Pattern

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A lovely pattern from Susan Pandorf, this has been completely re-done to correct earlier errors and clarify the entire design.

Here is what Susan wrote to me:

Celestial is one of my earliest patterns. I have completely rewritten it to make the directions clearer. I have also used crochet hook beading rather than stringing in advance, which I find a much easier way of working with beads, allowing more specific placement.

Please accept my apologies for my "beginner" mistakes. The pattern is now up to my current standards.

Thank you for your patience. I think you will find the pattern much clearer than the original.

Blessings & happy knitting always, Susan

So we are again offering this most lovely pattern.

This pattern is called Celestial and has a finished measurement of 9 inches by 58 inches long.

A superb scarf, the yarn requirements are simply 400 yards of a fingering weight yarn.

To further enhance the piece, You will want to add 357 size 6/0 beads and 68 6mm beads to embellish the scarf. And if you want even more, there is the option of adding another 140 size 3mm cubes and 28 size 8mm beads for the end fringes.

If you'd like help putting together a bead package for this beauty, just email us and we'll work with you on putting together a special packet.