Celtic Flame Dragon Cowl/ Kits/ Original Colors

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Tania's photos of her finished Celtic Flame Dragon cowl.
Tania's photos of her finished Celtic Flame Dragon cowl.

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Tania Richter has created a simply marvelous double-knit cowl, her new Celtic Flame Dragon Cowl. 

Please note you should get the pattern directly from her through her Ravelry Page here What we offer is the yarn for the kit. 


Here is what she writes: 

What’s warmer than a dragon wrapped around your neck?

Only a dragon made from flame-colored wool!

Inspired by the shifting flame-like colors of Malabrigo’s Flamma colorway, I had to make a dragon that showed off those fiery colors to the best of their capabilities.


Well, how could I not follow Tania's lead? 

This is a deliciously warm cowl, knit with the double-knitting technique and completely reversible. (Notice the reverse sides shown in the photos here, used with her permission, © Tania Richter.)

We put together kits here with one skein of each of these exact colors in the same yarn! (Arroyo from Malabrigo:  sport weight 100% merino, with 335 yards/ 100g.)


The kits are of the yarn only. These are handpainted yarns and as such each is somewhat different and unique unto itself. 

The whole is stunning.

Reminder: You will need to get the pattern directly from Tania through her Ravelry Page here.