Celtic Oak Pillow/ Pattern/ Celtic Knits

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Another most intriguing knit by Barb Pott in her Celtic Botanical Knits series, this one really appeals to me.


Barb writes of the design: "The ancient Celts prized the oak over other trees and today the oak wood is still prized for its hard wood and natural beauty. Each few (letter) of the ancient Irish writing called Ogam (pronounced owam) is associated with a sacred tree. The Ogam few called “duir” represents the oak and is incorporated on this pillow pattern. This design is one in a series of Celtic botanical knits that I created to draw attention to the beauty of our planet."


The pattern includes full text plus charts for the border and is written in easy to follow text with special stitches explained. Each leaf is knitted in one piece without having to break the yarn to work one side of the leaf and then the other. The border is knitted in one long piece with the resulting short ends sewn together while the many blackberry stitches cover the holes that naturally develop when making short rows.

I think it is marvelous.

The piece as shown here requires only 600 yards of worsted weight yarn for a 16" square pillow. We have some wonderful worsted weight yarns that would work beautifully in this -- and more on their way. So check out our Worsted Weight yarn section and prepare for a great adventure.

If you choose the emailed PDF version of the pattern (instead of the hard copy printed out) we will refund the shipping fee incurred for it.   Just know that this has to be sent manually (it is not automatic) and thus won't be immediate.