Celtic Rowan Pillow/ Pattern/ Celtic Knits

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I am in awe.

Barbara Pott has created a beautiful set of knitted patterns based upon her Celtic Botanical Knits theme. This is a new one called the Celtic Rowan Pillow and is a marvelous match to her earlier Celtic Oak Pillow

This unique design incorporates (as do all of her knitting patterns) one few (letter) of the ancient Irish writing called Ogam (pronounced owam), each of which is associated with a sacred tree. The Ogam few called “luis” represents the rowan and is incorporated on this pillow pattern. Plus Barbara gives other entrancing bits of data about the rowan and the Ancient Celts -- they prized the rowan for its protective properties. I find having a depth of meaning in what I am knitting makes it just that much more wonderful.

The pattern contains all text plus charts for the border and center panel. This pattern is written out in an easy-to-follow manner with special stitches explained. The border is knitted in one long piece while mitering the corners using short rows and with the resulting short ends sewn together. Each rowan leaflet is knitted separately then sewn on.

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The pattern is wonderfully detailed and a joy to knit. The finished pillow is 16" wide and 16" tall, though of course you can change that if you change the gauge. The gauge as it is: 18 stitches x 24 rows to 4" over stockinette. The original used 600 yards of Aran weight wool (or a wool blend is fine) in a light brown and size 7 (4.5mm) needles.

There is something just so very appealing about knitting this design. I feel like it connects me back to what is important, being a handmade craft of a woodland beauty.