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Arctic + Pacific
Arctic + Pacific
Buckwheat + Castaway
Buckwheat + Castaway
Some of Maylin's original pieces
Some of Maylin's original pieces

This one really sings to me!

By maylin Tri'Coterie Designs, Cephalopod is quite an unusual design, named after a most amazing group of marine animals.  The Cephalop mollusks include octopuses, squid, cuttlefish and nautiluses.  And especially interesting when you relate them to this shawl, these animals can change color faster than a chameleon! They can also change texture and body shape as additonal camouflage techniques.

And here is a gorgeous shawl by Maylin that can be of oh-so-many-colors and/or textures to create very individual looks. 


Get your pattern from Maylin directly via her Ravelry page here.  What our kits consist of is some gorgeous yarns (and perhaps beads as well).


The Design

Maylin describes her piece beautifully: 

The Cephalopod Shawl is a striped crescent with the end of each stripe fanning out to resemble the webs between the arms of an octopus.

The shawl is worked side to side (or bottom up - depending on your perspective.) You can have a short striped section giving a shawl that sits comfortably on your shoulders or a long section to encompass your neck many times. The ‘webbed’ section is worked in short rows and shaped with strategic increases and decreases.

The pattern is emphasised by using a DK yarn for the ‘spines’ although it would work just as well with a contrast in colour or texture.

Instructions are given for variations in the stripes - using eyelets or Indian Cross Stitch to ring the changes.

This works fabulously with graduate, long colour change or variegated yarns teamed with a strong solid or semi solid. Unleash your inner Geek Girl and knit yourself the ultimate Steampunk accessory!

Quite striking indeed!  And it can be lengthened or shortened according to taste.  

The Yarn

The yarn we have chosen to put in kits for this beautiful design are not the same as the original piece that Maylin knit.  We show our yarns in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that. 

Maylin says that this design requires roughly 100 grams (or about 200 yards) of a DK or light worsted weight yarn plus about 100 grams (about 460 yards) of a fingering weight.  

Our DK weight yarn is from Juniper Moon Farm, their Findley DK.  This is a 50% wool + 50% silk yarn with 131 yards (119m) per 50g ball.  The high silk content gives it a lovely sheen. Two balls will be in each kit for a total of 262 yards.

Our fingering weight yarn is Louisa Harding's Amitola, 80% wool + 20% silk with 273 yards (250m) per 50g ball.  The colors have loooooong color runs and gradually change one into the next.  Again two balls will be in each kit = 546 yards.

The Colorways

We have chosen some colors to work together which we like very much indeed. The first color mentioned in each set below is the Findley DK; the second is the Amitola.

Take a look at the Project Pages to whet your appetite and get your imagination in gear!

1.  Arctica + Pacific

Arctica is a silvery medium gray. 

Pacifica is a beautiful cool blend including turquoise, teal, blue, and violet.

2.  Buckwheat + Castaway

Buckwheat is a delightful medium taupe.

Castaway goes gold into amber to teal into navy into golden brown.


No, the pattern does not use beads, as written by Maylin.  However, it looks to me as if putting some along the points at the end might be a very lovely design decision and also add some nice weight to that end. 

Thus we are offering the option of getting beads as part of the kit.  If you so choose, you will get 20 grams of size 6/0 beads (about 240).  Where and how you add them will be your choice completely.  

Personally I love the idea of beads at the tips of each fan section.  That would add weight as well as glorious glitter as you swirl around in your new shawl.  :-)

The Pattern

Again: please note that the pattern is not included in this particular Kit. 

You can and should purchase it directly from Maylin’s Ravelry Store  .  

This way you will have the pattern saved in your Ravelry library and get any updates issued as well as a direct line to pattern support.  


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