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#92: We show many skeins so you can get a better idea of the full range of colors. Two skeins will make up your kit.
#92: We show many skeins so you can get a better idea of the full range of colors. Two skeins will make up your kit.
#408: And ditto.  :-)
#408: And ditto. :-)
Christopher's original cowl.
Christopher's original cowl.

A beautiful cowl that would be a fast-ish knit.  It is really and truly a lovely piece!


This is a free pattern from Knitty.com that you can find and download for yourself here.


The original piece was knit with a handspun gradient yarn.  The designer, Christopher Kale, writes: 

This deeply textured and cozy cowl was designed to show off a handspun gradient yarn, flowing smoothly from one color to the next.

It is framed by a lacy rib, which flows into a lace pattern which is left unblocked to accentuate the texture.

While I knit it with a 9-step gradient, it can be knit with any solid or semi-solid yarn; or gradient or self-striping yarn with long color changes.

It is a satisfying knit, and quick enough to grace the necks of all of your loved ones!

It is absolutely lovely in my oh-so-humble-opinion!

The Yarn and Colorways

Well, we do not have handspun gradient yarn for you here but we do have some really lovely colorways in Noro's Kureyon.

Kureyon is 100% wool and has 109 yards (100m)/ 50g skein.  Two skeins will make up each kit and give you a bit more yardage than you need for this. 

Now I know that some find Kureyon to be somewhat harsh to feel.  I have to say that it softens up amazingly after being washed.  The Noro folks try to keep the yarn making process as free of chemicals and additives as they can; as a result there are often bits of vegetable matter left as well. 

The Kureyon yarn in particular is very close in look to a handspun --- the colors are awesome.  Just wash gently when you are done and add a bit of hair conditioner to the rinse water.  You will be pleased, I am sure.  

We have a few colorways you can choose from.  They have been given numbers instead of names though I will try to describe them as well as I can. 

#92 is plethora of colors with black and purple, blue and turquoise, green, mauve, and a bit of gold into red. Honestly, each time I look at it I see more colors. 

#408 is a vibrant rainbow:  purple, kelly green, gray, rose, and some bright touches of orange. 


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