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Kit #1
Kit #1
Kit #2
Kit #2
The original shawl by Boo Knits
The original shawl by Boo Knits


A beautiful lace weight knit by  Boo Knits, here we present some lovely kits for Changeling.  

Please make sure to get your pattern directly from Boo Knits' Ravelry page.  This pattern is only available as part of Bev's gorgeous Things Unknown-Dream Collection which gives you a total of four really lovely patterns at a very very reasonable cost.

This one, Changeling, just happens to be my favorite. And what we have done is put together a couple of kits complete with yarn and beads.

The Design

Here is what Bev writes: 

Folklore has it that faeries would steal babies and children, replacing them with misbehaving and ugly ‘changelings’. Shakespeare has a somewhat different ‘Changeling’ in Midsummer Night’s Dream; a child half faery and half human, not evil or frightening but a child adored by Titania.

This ‘Changeling’ isn’t ugly in the slightest! It is a really fun, top down, crescent shaped shawl pattern and a fantastic way to use up some of those left over yarns from your favourite shawls. 

I knit the original shawl in Dye for Yarn Tussah Silk Lace but you can knit your Changeling in any weight and adjust your needles accordingly but you will be best to make sure that yarns you use are all the same weight.

Changeling is as much a recipe as a pattern; colour changes are indicated but feel free to knit it in just one colour or use as many different colours as you wish. You can also make it larger or smaller and this is most definitely a shawl that you can totally make your own!

Changeling is just the job for jeans and tee-shirts, as a beach cover up or as a wonderful warm cosy shawl. Change your yarn and needles and you can have a different Changeling for every day of the week!

This pattern is both written and fully colour charted with bead placement (optional) indicated throughout. You will need to print this pattern using a colour printer.

The Yarn and Colorways

Bev writes that she used about 80g of lace weight yarn, which comes to roughly 608 yards total, broken down into four colorways.

We offer a lovely array of yarns, different than what she used --- you can see our kits in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that. 

The original shawl used a lace weight yarn that had 760 yards/ 100g.  I did the math and the original shawl used about 213 yards were Color A, 61 yards, Color B, 168 yards Color C, and 152 yards Color D.  Of course, we will include extra of each. From 

So here is what we put together, all considered lace weight yarns.  You will have significantly more yardage than needed so you can feel free to expand on the size and shape and truly make it your own creation!


Kit #1

A :  Malabrigo's Baby Silkpaca, 70% baby alpaca/ 30% silk, with 420 yards (385 m)/ 50g. The colorway is Hollyhock, a rich and vibrant solid (or almost) merlot. 

B: From The Alpaca Company, this is Halo Watercolor, a hand-dyed lace weight yarn of 78% brushed suri alpaca/ 22% nylon and with 257 yards/ 25g skein.  The colorway is called Abstract and is a variegated tonal blend of pinks and roses, with a bit of wisteria and violet as well.  

C: Juniper Moon Farm's Aine, a pure mulberry silk with 327 yards (300m) per 50g.  The colorway is African Violet, a delightful pale lilac.  

D: Also one of Malabrigo's Baby Silkpaca (420 yards again), this one is a variegated colorway called Zarzamora, a mix of purples and greens that is simply amazing. 

Kit #1 gives you one skein of each of the above totaling 1,424 yards.


Kit #2

: This is a yarn from Sweet Georgia, their Cashsilk Lace, of 55% silk/ 45% cashmere and with 400 yards/ 50g. The colorway is Beach House and is a tonal almost-solid of teals.

B:  Halo Watercolors again, this time the colorway is called Atlantis and blends teals and sea greens with some small splashes of purples and wines and browns.  

C: Another color of Aine, this time Summer Cloud, a most delicious and pure white. 

D:  Malabrito's Lace, 100% baby merino wook with 470 yards/ 50g.  This colorway is called Nomeolvides and is a variegated tonal blending of blues and navy with some indigo and heather. 

Kit #2 gives you one skein of each of the above totaling 1,454 yards. This kit is more expensive due to the CashSilk Lace. You will see the addition on the drop-down menu.



Bev used 600 beads in her original and suggests either 5/0 triangles or 6/0 beads. 

Our kits will include 50 grams of 6/0 beads, in a color that mirrors one or more of the colors of the yarns or in a dramatic contrast color. 

If you have a preference, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you.