ChiaoGoo Red Cable Circulars/ 24"/ Sizes 0 through 11

Price: $7.50
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We have often been asked for needles of many different sizes and have in the past responded that we simply decided we couldn't try to carry them all so we only carry the ones that are hard to find. But now Chiao Goo has offered what they call a starter set in their Red bamboo circulars. This allowed us to get only a few of all the sizes. And so we have -- while supplies last, we have from size 0 (2mm) through size 11 (8mm) in the 24" stainless steel circular needles with the red cables.

This is Chiao Goo's premium line of stainless steel circulars. They have been working hard to get this right for us knitters.

The multi-strand, steel cable is coated with a nylon allowing for your yarn to slide right over. The tips and joins are just spectacular!

This is a great length for anyone who likes to use the two-circular-method of knitting socks and cuffs and other small circular projects, as well as being a good length to use as back-and-forth needles. I am sure you can think of other uses too -- they are a great quality for an excellent price.

The larger sizes are a bit more expensive and you can see the additional cost in the drop-down menu. Make sure this menu is set as you want it before you put the needles in your shopping cart.