ChiaoGoo RED Lace Circulars/ 60" Cable/ Sizes 0 to 9

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by Melinda Dennis
Date Added: Saturday 23 September, 2017
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Please restock circular needles in 60" so I can order them all.

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We are simply delighted to be able to offer this product from Chiao Goo !

They have their special RED cabled circular needles with lace points and we decided we simply had to offer them.

We decided to go for the longest cable available -- a full 60". It was a hard choice -- there are so many options and reasons for various lengths, but we liked these as they can be used for Magic Loop easily or hold a huge number of stitches without difficulty or simply be used as a comfortable back-and-forth knitting. Seemed to be the best of all worlds.

So here we present the premium RED Lace Circulars -- at a 60"length and in sizes 0 (2 mm) - 9 (5.5 mm) with the same awesome RED cord and smooth joins as the earlier RED circular needles. The Lace tips have been precisely machined and tapered to make them wonderful for lace work and there is no bend in the needle.

The metric conversion follows:

Size 0 is 2mm (sold out, sorry)

Size 1 is 2.25mm

Size 1.5 is 2.50mm (sold out, sorry)

Size 2 is 2.75mm

Size 3 is 3.25mm

Size 4 is 3.50mm

Size 5 is 3.75mm/

Size 6 is 4.0mm

Size 7 is 4.50mm

Size 8 is 5mm

Size 9 is 5.5mm

Make your size choice from the drop-down menu.

Note that as the size of the needles increase, the price does somewhat as well.

We think they are wonderful!