Chromatic Grab Bag: ArtYarns

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Grab Bag A:  Wildflowers + #312
Grab Bag A: Wildflowers + #312
Grab Bag D:  Pink Sands in Beaded Silk & Sequins Light + Wildflowers Merino Cloud
Grab Bag D: Pink Sands in Beaded Silk & Sequins Light + Wildflowers Merino Cloud

Our Grab Bags are close cousins to our Orphan Skeins

As the years go by, we find ourselves ending up with more and more single skeins, left over from full bags once we have put together kits. 

And while I love them all (as a mother to her hundreds and hundreds of children), they would really be happier in new homes where they stand a chance of being part of a project.  

And so here we put together a few special Chromatic Grab Bags, of yarns selected to look great together or to be used by themselves. 


These Grab Bags consist of odd skeins of the spectacular ArtYarns!  As you may be aware, we get in every-other-month some special colorways of these beauties.  And sometimes, alas, I misestimate and end up with one of two leftover. 

So we have been saving those Orphan skeins, with an eye to putting together the ones that work well with each other.  And so here are our first (and possibly only) ArtYarns Grab Bags!


The majority of these yarns (with only one exception described below) are Merino Cloud, a luxurious blend of Extra Fine Merino (80%) and Italian Cashmere (20%) with 437 yards per skein, it knits up as a fine fingering through to a sport weight depending on needle size.

Perfect for scarves, shawls, and garments of all types. 


Grab Bag A:   Wildflowers is a gradient-style color in Merino Cloud, and includes cream, pink, rose, fuchsia, and purple.  We paired it with a Merino Cloud in colorway #312, an almost-solid pale lilac, almost-gray in some lights. 


Grab Bag BWildflowers Merino Cloud again,this time with tonal H36, also Merino Cloud, a lovely song to the lilacs and wisterias and violets of spring. 

(Sorry, sold)


Grab Bag C:  Merino Cloud in variegated colorway #1024, blending wine and fuchsia and rose with some purple and teal, green and gold, and a bit of chocolate brown. With it is paired  Merino Cloud in #H36 again, a lovely color to pick up the violets and purples in the mix. 

(Sorry, sold)


Grab Bag D:  Merino Cloud in Wildflowers is this time is paired with a Beaded Silk + sequins Light, a 100% silk with glass beads and sequins (110 yards (100m) per 50g skein) in the colorway Pink Sands.  The colors pick up interestingly with each other.  Pink Sands has cream and pink and periwinkle and violet with a bit of salmon and brown.  

Please note that this Grab Bag D is more expensive than the others.  The additional charge is noted in the drop-down menu.