Chromatic Grab Bags! (Two)

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A:  Rosenberg, Star Scatter, and Rose Pink
A: Rosenberg, Star Scatter, and Rose Pink
B:  Cereza, Carnival, and Renaissance
B: Cereza, Carnival, and Renaissance
C:  Cereza, Ruby River, and Carnival
C: Cereza, Ruby River, and Carnival

Our Grab Bags are close cousins to our Orphan Skeins

As the years go by, we find ourselves ending up with more and more single skeins, left over from full bags once we have put together kits. 

And while I love them all (as a mother to her hundreds and hundreds of children), they would really be happier in new homes where they stand a chance of being part of a project.  

And so here we put together a few special Chromatic Grab Bags, each of 3 skeins of very high-quality yarn, in brand-new condition and selected to look great together or by themselves. 


Grab Bag A:  Pretty in Pink!

1.  The front skein is from Ella Rae, their Rustic Silk,  a 100% Silk yarn with 437yards / 100g.  Each colorway is "printed" and combines a bevy of colors in dots and dashes to form the whole.  

Rosenberg (color #4) is overall a look of rose.  Close to, one sees it mixes pink, mauve, rose, grey-violet, and some orange-ish tones.  

2.  The skein in the middle is from Madeline Tosh, a variation on the Tosh Merino Light, this one is  "+ Glitter".  The yarn is 90% merino wool/ 8% acrylic 2% stellina, the stellina being soft silvery threads. There are 420 yards/ 100g. 

The colorway here is called Star Scatter and is a lovely mauve, with dots and dashes of surprising colors -- I see black and I see gold.  The whole is amazing. 

3.  The third skein here is also Ella Rae, their finingering weight 100% extrafine merino called Lace Merino with 460 yards/ 100g.  The colorway is an almost solid of rich rosy pink, named aptly Rose Pink


Grab Bag B:  Rainbow in Reds!

1. The lefthand skein is Mechita,100% merino superwash with 420 yards/ 100g.  The colorway is called Renaissance.  This has the look of a party at night, with bright lights reflecting out of the darkness.  The yarn has dots and dashes and speckles of all sorts of bright colors, toned down with black and with just a bit of cream showing through as well.  Striking!

2.  The middle skein is again Mechita from Malabrigo.  The colorway is Carnival and is an amazing blend of fiesta colors, dots and dashes of golds and wine and purple and teal and red and probably quite a few I missed, all with sections of natural cream peeking through.  

3.  The righthand skein is Sock from Malabrigo, a plied yarn of 100% superwash merino with 440 yards/ 100g skein. The colorway is called Cereza, a rich and dramatic red. 


Grab Bag C:  Rainbow in Reds #2! (Sorry, sold out)

1. The far left skein is again Malabrigo in Mechita, colorway Carnival. 

2.  The middle skein this time is from Mountain Colors, their Twizzlefoot of 53% superwash merino/ 17% domestic Wool/ 17% silk/ 13% nylon, with 450 yards/ 100g.  The colorway is Ruby River, a wonderful tonal blend of reds and wines and a suggestion of red-orange, all with subtle variations mingling in a marvelous whole. 

3.  The far right skein is again Malabrigo's Sock in Cereza.