Chromatic Mystery Grab Bags

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Our Grab Bags are close cousins to our Orphan Skeins

As the years go by, I end up with more and more "orphan" skeins, left over from full bags once we have put together kits. 

And while I love them all (as a mother to her hundreds and hundreds of children), they would really be happier in new homes where they stand a chance of being part of a project.  

And so here we put together some special Chromatic Mystery Grab Bags

Note the word "Mystery" --- these really are!

Each bag is made up of almost all fingering weight yarn (a few sport weight), and contains three to four or more skeins, to give you a total between roughly 1,400 and 1,800 yards + or -. 

They have been specially selected and tend to be all in the same color family or related to each other so they would be perfect all in one project or in many.  Expect some additional colors to their main ones.

And they are significantly discounted from their original prices while maintaining their brand-new status of high-quality yarn. 

I took some photos of examples of the kind of thing you might expect to find in your special grab bag -- yours will be different. 

We are including yarns from Malabrigo, from Madeline Tosh, from Knitting Fever, from Mountain Colors, from Shalimar, from Manos, and from Shibui, just to name a few.  

So choose from our drop-down menu and have a wonderful time with your own unique Chromatic Mystery Grab Bag!