Chromatic Mystery Grab Bags: Plant-based Yarns

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Here is a variation on our  Chromatic Mystery Grab Bags. 

I have been asked if we could offer these in non-animal fibers, specially for those in warmer climates, for those with animal fiber allergies, for vegans, and just because.  

And we have been thinking long and hard about how to do this. 


What we have put together is a mix of yarns made up of plant fibers (such as cotton, tencel, linen, and the like) and/or man-made fibers (polyester, acrylic, nylon, etc).

Unfortunately we don't have a huge amount of these kind of yarns but we do have enough so we can offer a few kits.

Thus we cannot offer a choice of colors or even type of color, though if you have a very strong preference for cool or for warm tell me and I'll do my best.

We also cannot promise that the entire grab bag will be yarns of the same weight, though again we will do our best and make them compatible so they can work together. The majority of the plant-based yarns we have are roughly DK wieght.  

What we do promise is a collection of about 300g+ of really lovely high-quality yarn.

And while I will try hard to put together yarns that can work well together, basically you can be sure that you will have 3 to 4 skeins of really lovely yarn to play with. 


A great chance to try out something new and have fun!

Please note:  If you do not want silk as a fiber-type in your grab bag, please make sure to let me know.