Circles of Light: Beaded Kits

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Tropical Teal
Tropical Teal
Lilac Bushes
Lilac Bushes
Kristina's original shawl
Kristina's original shawl
This photo shows the
This photo shows the "drips" of beads fairly well. Love it!

This is such a beautiful design, we just had to bring it back again.

It strikes me that this is perfect for summertime knitting.  Lace weight yarn (lighter on the lap when creating, lighter on the shoulders when wearing), intriguing construction (sure to keep your interest), beads (!of course!) and just plain beautiful!


We have not included the pattern as part of the cost of this kit.  Indeed, we strongly urge that you get pattern as itself on the designer's Ravelry page or as part of the very worthwhile whole e-book.

This puts a copy in your Ravelry library and ensures you get any updates right away. (If you plan this option, make sure our drop-down menu labeled "Pattern" is set to "No Pattern Needed.")

However, should that not work for you for any reason, I can work out a printed copy for you or to email it directly.   It is not automatic and I generally do this right before shipping.


The Design

Here is what the designer, Kristina Vilimaite, writes about her Circles of Light:

This laceweight shawl is worked entirely in the round but surprisingly, its shape is a beautiful crescent. Bird’s eye lace is so easy to knit when all stitches are worked on the right side.

The knitting starts in the middle of the shawl with Judy’s magic cast on. The shawl is worked in one piece, shaped with some increases and decreases, then bound of at the top and bottom edges.

The shawl is written for one size, with instructions to customize the size. Beads are optional. The pattern is both fully written out and charted.

The Yarn

Our kits are not of the same yarn nor colorway that Kristina used for her original piece. You can see what we offer in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that. The other pictures show the original shawl and are there so you can see the design itself.

Kristina suggests about 558 yards (510m) of lace weight yarn.  We have brought in two solid colors of Findley, from Juniper Moon Farm, of 50% wool/ 50% silk, and 798 yards (730m) per 100g ball. 

1.  Tropical Teal is a marvelous color for summer -- think of the awesome turquoise blue of the Caribbean Sea or maybe simply the color of cool waters in a swimming pool.  :-)

2.  Lilac Bushes sings of the flowers of summer, with again a solid and most lovely lilac (well, of course!).

The Beads

Kristina has used the beads like little water droplets, to capture the light. 

These beads are optional but we'll be including them in each kit -- we feel they really add a special look.  

What is required is only 168 size 6/0 beads -- our 15+ grams will give you wll more than that. 

If you have an idea of what color bead you'd like, tell me.  Otherwise I will chose for you.

I tend to go with beads that mirror to some degree the color of the yarn (perhaps a bit darker or a bit lighter), not always but often. 

If you decide you would prefer for sure getting a contrast bead -- I am thinking perhaps a silver lined crystal to really reflect light and mimic dew drops on a bright summer day --- do let me know via the Comment section as you check out.

The Pattern 

The kit does not automatically include the pattern.

We strongly urge that the best way to get this pattern is via Kristina's Raverly page.

However, should that not work for you for any reason, I can work out a printed copy for you or to email it directly.  Just contact us and we'll set you up with that option.