Clasps for Key Fobs and Lanyards

Price: $4.50
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We just got in some clasps that are perfect for Key Fobs and thought we might offer them as themselves.  They can be used with extra beads and thread or wire to create great key chains or even lanyards for holding badges and the like.

These are 32x17x4.5mm in size and with a hole which is  6.0x4.0mm.

 (We photographed them next to a ruler marked in inches so anyone metric-challenged can picture this size better.) 

You can choose between three finishes:  gold plated, silver plated, and antique copper plated. 

Each has an auto-close (which means you just push on it to open and it closes automatically).

We also have a full kit for Key Fobs for anyone interested -- this could be a good starting point.