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Dock of the Bay
Dock of the Bay
This one, as well as all the remaining photos, show the original piece which Justyna knit with her husband's yarn.
This one, as well as all the remaining photos, show the original piece which Justyna knit with her husband's yarn.

I couldn't resist. 

One of my favorite designers, Justyna Lorkowska, has released a lovely free pattern via her Ravelry page. 

Close To You is absolutely perfect for one skein of variegated yarn and we have some simply gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous yarn here from Shalimar to share with you! 

I am so pleased!

The Design

Here is what Justyna writes about this lovely simple piece: 

One day, while I was planning my trip to a yarn festival, my husband asked me to get him some undyed yarn while there. “Hope he doesn’t destroy it”, I thought. You know… all that money could be spent at some booth with pretty skeins. I did get him the yarn in the end. And he started studying a lot about acid dyes and temperature, and pH levels (he’s a nerd!)… and then he showed me his creations.

I immediately fell in love and was slightly shocked to see that my own husband can dye yarn. Soon the flat became flooded with colorful skeins and he created his own Martin’s Lab Yarn. 
(How cool is that?)

“Why are you doing that?”, I asked. 
“To be close to you”, he replied.

…and this is how this shawl was born.

Designed to use just one skein (or more, it’s easy to adjust) of any gorgeous handpainted yarn to make a shawlette for someone who’s close to you too!

The shawl itself is knit from one end with gradual increases to form a triangle. There is a zigzag border with eyelets  -- maybe a good place to add beads if you so choose? -- and which not only looks great but keeps the knitting interesting.  

Your finished size will be roughly 166cm/65.25” wide and 38 cm/15” long at the center spine.

The Yarn

Well, we don't have the yarn that Martin created, but we do have some lovely Aerie from Shalimar.  This is a 70% superwash merino/ 20% kid mohair/ 10% silk yarn (it feels amazing and has a lovely sheen) with 420 yards to each skein. 

The Colorways

1. Whistlestop is a tonal blend of pinks and roses and deep violets.  Really strikingly lovely.

2.  Bunglalow is also a variegated/tonal colorway that is close to being a neutral.  It is sort of the oclors of your favorite jeans -- it's got blue, both very pale and a bit darker (worn denim) with a grey, dark and light again.  I love its depth. 

3. Dock of the Bay is definitely a colorway to sing about.  Blues and violets play together beautifully in this one.  And I can almost see a mermaid or two....

Each kit will consist simply of one skein of the yarn in the colorway of your choice. 

If you think you'd like to add beads, simply contact us and we'll make suggestions. 

The Pattern

Please note that the pattern is not included in this particular Kit.

It is a free pattern and a gift from Justyna to you.  Thus you must get it directly from her  Ravelry Store  which will place the pattern in your Library.

That will also ensure you have access to updates and pattern support.