Cloud Dragon/ 3 Kits from Staccato

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Brass + Grounds
Brass + Grounds
Lime + Mineral
Lime + Mineral
Ash + Abyss
Ash + Abyss
The rest of these photos show Tania's original scarf.  Gorgeous!
The rest of these photos show Tania's original scarf. Gorgeous!
Not the best of photos but it is hard to take a picture of the entire scarf laid out.  I include this so you can see the whole.
Not the best of photos but it is hard to take a picture of the entire scarf laid out. I include this so you can see the whole.

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This is a real beauty. 

I've been playing around with double-knitting as a new technique (new to me) that I am enjoying tremendously.  I found a number of lovely designs by Tania Richter and she was very willing to have me put together some kits for her Cloud Dragon. 

Please note that this pattern was originally a MKAL and though all the clues have been compiled into one document, it still "reads" kind of like a MKAL. Tania tells me she plans to update it but won't have a chance until July and honestly, I didn't want to wait. 

So let's look at it together, yes? 

The Design

Here is how Tania describes this beauty: 

Who doesn’t love a snuggly double-knit dragon wrapped around their neck, protecting their wearer from the cold?

The MKAL had been laid out in a semi-quest format, so as you continue with the pattern you will find bit of a story involved that was told as the clues are released!

  • You find some ruins
  • A dragon appears!
  • The dragon rises from its slumber
  • Some clouds appear around you
  • The dragon dashes into the sky
  • The dragon circles before returning to earth
  • The dragon’s tail comes into view


The Yarn

Needed for this is about 550-600 yards of main color (MC) and 550-600 yards of contrasting color (CC) in a fingering weight yarn.  The original scarves you see here, as knit by Tania, used Malabrigo Finito, though she states that any fingering yarn should work.

Our kits are a different yarn and a different set of colors -- you can see our kits in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that.  The rest of the photos are of Tania's pieces and are there to show the design. 

Using fingering weight yarn, you will end up with approximate finished measurements of 9.5” x 80”.

We have kits here using Shibui Knits Staccato yarn,  a 70% superwash merino/ 30% silk blend with 191 yards (175m) to each 1.75 ounce (50 gram) skein. 

Three skeins of each of two colorways will be included in each kit, so you will have six skein in total, with 573 yards of Color A and 573 yards of Color B. 

The Colorways

I find that double knitting looks best (and is easier to knit) when the two colorways contrast strikingly.  

So we put together these options: 

1. Brass + Grounds --  this kit is quite striking. Brass is a lovely goldenrod color; Grounds is a deep rich brown. 

2. Lime + Mineral -- a bit less dramatic in their contrast:  Lime is just what it sounds like, a medium warm green.  And Mineral is a taupe with just a suggestion of lavender to it. 

3.  Ash + Abyss -- an all-neutral pair.  Ash is a light silvery grey; Abyss is black, pure and simple. 

And btw, if you would like a different combination of any of these -- for example the Brass with the Abyss to mirror the great colors of Tania's original --- just contact us and if we have supplies we will set you up.

The Pattern

Please note that this is an intermediate level project and previous experience with double-knitting/chart reading is recommended.  

There are lots of videos on YouTube and lots of instructions about the basics of double-knitting all over the web (if you would like some recommendations, just ask). 

That being said, the charts that Tania creates are large and very very legible.  So once you have the hang of the technique, this is a dream to work. 

The kit will not automatically include the pattern. We offer three options.

I know some knitters might already have this or prefer to get it directly as a PDF file of the pattern from Tania via her Ravelry web page. This way there will be a copy in your Ravelry library and you will automatically receive any updates. 

If you would prefer a printed copy, please make sure the "Pattern" drop-down menu is set to that.

We also can email the pattern to you ourselves -- I have to do that manually and usually do that right before shipping out the kit.

So make sure that both drop-down menus are set as you would like before you check out.