Continuum Beaded Leg Warmers/ Pattern by Sivia

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From the needles of Sivia Harding, these are simply amazing.

Sivia writes, "This heavily embellished warmer in three lengths will sit prettily layered atop any boot, knee sock, or on its own.

"A fun knit with a mixture of beaded twisted stitches, cables, and ribbing, it looks more complicated than it really is. The name comes from the center cable, a simplified version of the Tibetan never-ending knot, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all beings. Beads are pre-strung in order to take advantage of the many ways that pre-strung beads can embellish cables and ribs.

"A joyful knit of wear or to gift to some one you love!"

The cuffs (see the photo of the blue cuffs peeking out of a pair of boots) require only 124 yards of a dk weight yarn, while 300 yards will do it for the thigh warmers (the wine ones). You'll need 620 yards of dk weight yarn for the leg warmer (the ecru ones).

The beads are size 6/0, 208 (482, 938) for the cuffs (thigh, leg warmers).

Absolutely beautiful!