Converging Cables Aran Neckpiece/ Pattern by Catie

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Catie has been on a roll lately, with stunning neckpieces.

We really like them -- a wonderful chance to use small quantities of gorgeous yarns, plus a great piece to stay warm with during the colder weather. Not to mention stylish.

This one is a lovely play with cables, producing a neckpiece that is wondrously shaped using intertwining cables.

Catie writes, "Knit it from classic creamy, natural wool or perhaps something extra luxurious. A perfect gift for someone special!"

This is a beauty.

Requiring only about 200 yards of a worsted weight yarn. The gauge in stockinette, using size 8 (5mm) needles) is 4.5 sts to 1". And there is an optional crocheted edging.

Lovely lovely lovely.