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Flower Rainbow
Flower Rainbow
Cloudy Skies
Cloudy Skies
The original piece.
The original piece.


This pattern has been on my list for a very very long time.  I love how the design uses the long color runs to create a beautiful piece.

Please note!  The pattern must be gotten from the web page here.  

The Design

A beautiful piece designed by Mary Lou Egan, Coquille was featured in the First Fall 2010 issue of

On the Knitty page, the designer wrote: 

Seasons change quickly on the edge of the Great Plains. A 50-degree day in late September is chilly, in March it feels like freedom.

Light wraps are always welcome for snuggling into for extra warmth either way.

Initially designed to take advantage of slow striping sock yarn, Coquille was so much fun that other fingering and sock weight yarns got into the act. 

The gussets on this wrap, worked side to side, reminded me of a scallop shell.

The lacy look is created by using two different size needles, a smaller one suited to the yarn weight, and one about 6 sizes larger.

The short rows that create the gussets would be perfect for those venturing into short rows for the first time, since the shaping makes it easy to see what is happening.

The Yarn and Colorways

Originally knit using Mini Mochi by Crystal Palace.  However this yarn has been discontinued.  We offer here another yarn with the long color runs needed to make this piece special.  

There are some beautiful versions to be seen here, on the Project pages. 

You can see these yarns in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that. And show the photos of the original shawl (© Sarah Walker) with the designer's permission, so you can see how this lovely shawl knits up.  

Nordlys is a fingering weight yarn, each skein having 100 grams (3.5 ounces) and 385 yards (350 meters) . Perfect for this design. It is 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon, and has a very soft and delightful hand.

The smaller version of the shaw requires about 400 yards (366m) and the larger needs 775 yards (710m).  

Each of our kits will include two skeins of Nordlys, giving you 770 yards (700m), which should work for either size.  

If you would like an extra skein for "insurance," just contact us and we'll set it up with you.  

We are listing three lovely colorways on this web page. Though of course, any of our other Nordlys will also work with this design, most beautifully. Nordly

The colorways do not have names, just numbers.  I will attempt to describe them here: 

1.  This is color #940 and I am going to name it Creamsicle.  Do you remember the ice-cream-and-sherbert pops form childhood that combined orange sherbert with vanilla ice cream?  Well this is not quite that but it reminds me of it.  

Ranging from a soft pale apricot into peach and then a richer red-orange, it finishes off with a soft brown and then around to the beginning.  Delicious!

2.  Color #970, what we've been calling our Purples, this combines colors in the overall purple family, from rose to fuchsia to blue to purple and back to rose again.  

3.  This one is color #962, a Flower Rainbow which runs from fuchsia to lilac to peach to brown and back again.

4. Color #923, let's call Cloudy Skies -- the look of a summer sky with puffy cumulus floating across it.  The colors run from cream into light blues gradually deepening in tone.



Reminder! The pattern must be gotten from the web page here.  



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