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Mint Drop
Mint Drop
Emily's original shawl
Emily's original shawl
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A beautiful bead-i-ful piece by Emily Wood


This is what Emily writes about her Crystal Dash: 

Glittering zigzags of lace dash across this asymmetrical shawl, accented with lines of optional seed beads.

This shawl begins with a few stitches and grows to the opposite edge. Its long, narrow shape is created by increasing every row along one edge and decreasing every right side row along the other edge.

Gauge is not critical for this pattern, but using a different yarn weight or needles will affect the size of the finished shawl.

The use of beads for this shawl is optional. Alternatively, to lighten the weight of the shawl and to reduce the number of beads required, consider beading every other zigzag or every third zigzag instead.


Be sure to get your pattern directly from the designer on her Ravelry page here What we have put together are yarn and beads for knitting this. 

Yarn and Colorways

All that is needed is 385 yards (352m) of fingering weight yarn.  What we put together is not the same as what Emily used for her original -- you can see our in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that. 

The yarn in our kits is from Dream in Color and is their Smooshy Cashmere.  The yarn is 70% superwash merino + 20% cashmere + 10% nylon and each skein has 400 yards.  

Need I say how amazingly delcious it feels/

We chose two colorways that are not-quite-solids though the variegation is just in periodic dashes and dots of color.  

Mint Drop is mostly a soft gentle mint green with dashes and dots of deeper green teal and olive.  

Fable is a cream yarn with just a few dots and dashes, these being in gold and olive, green and blue.  (Normally Fable has more colors to it; this batch was dyed very sparingly which suits this particular pattern nicely). 


This shawl uses 85 grams of 6/0 beads (!!!) though they are optional or could be reduced if you prefer.  Our kits will include all of these -- if you want less, tell me and i'll set you up with a special smaller kit.  

I love how some knitters used a mix of bead colors.  Take a look at this and this project in particular to see what I mean.  So I am offering that option via the drop-down menu labeled "kits".  Make your choice and we'll go from there.  

If you have a preference on color(s) for your beads, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 


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