Crystal Palace Bamboo Circulars: 12" in sizes from 3 to 8

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From Crystal Palace:

Try our smallest pair of circular needles. 

Crystal Palace Bamboo 12" Short & Long Circulars have one point shorter than the other for ease when knitting small circumferences. 

The shorter point means a longer cord which allows for more flexibility.  Use the short side as your working needle and the long side as your take-up needle. 

These cute little circs are fantastic for baby hats and small, tubular knitting.  Available in US sizes 3-8.

Size 3 is 3.25mm

Size 4 is 3.5mm

Size 5 is 3.75mm

Size 6 is 4.25mm

Size 7 is 4.5mm

Size 8 is 5mm