Crystal Silver Rainbow: O Beads or Dragon Scales

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Two new kinds of beads from the Czech Republic.

The colorway of both here are what is called Crystal Silver Rainbow, a glorious silver color with vivid highlights of mostly violet and teal.

The O beads are 3.8X1 mm. Per the data I have, there are roughly 13 beads per gram; so in size and weight they are similar to size 6/0 beads. They are much thinner and have a rather large 1 mm inner hole.

The Dragon Scale beads are 5 X 3.75 X 1.5 mm with smaller 0.2 mm holes. As near as I can calculate, there seem to be about 40 beads per gram. That might be off some, though, so figure accordingly.

We are packaging these in roughly 5 gram packets. Make your choice on the type of bead and the number of packages you want via the drop-down menus.