Cultural Fushion Wrap/ Kit + Bells and Beads

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Though this shows two BeBop balls, two Aria, and two skeins of the Noro, each kit will have one of each.
Though this shows two BeBop balls, two Aria, and two skeins of the Noro, each kit will have one of each.
Jane's original
Jane's original

I really love the designs of Jane Thornley.  She basically gives you permission to play with yarns and colors in all sorts of tremendously imaginative ways.   Her patterns are more recipes with suggestions and directions but nothing written in stone.  There are no knitting police -- take a Jane design and let your fancy fly!

This particular one is called Cultural Fushion and I've been thinking about it for a while now. 

Please note that the pattern is not automatically included in the kit.  Data on this is towards the end of this webpage. 

The Design

Jane writes: 

Celebrate our global culture with this Culture Fushion (fashion+fusion= fushion) wrap knit in predominantly black, rust and neutrals, a color combination easy to match using sport and DK-weight yarn. Stitchery is simple garter, drop-stitch, seed and yarn overs with i-cords added from which to dangle your personal collection of buttons and beads. Think tribal or go local with found objects dangling on your wrap. Be inventive!

The shape couldn’t be easier: three elongated points to flip down your back and over the shoulders. Make your points as long as you want or ease up on the drama by making them shorter to suit your tastes. Besides the beaded i-cords, larger beads serve aplomb at both the central back point and at the ends of both left and right fronts.

The Yarns and Colorway

What I've done is put together kits containing yarns that will work for this design.  They are not not not (!) the same yarns or colorways that Jane used for her original piece.  You can see our collections in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that. 

What is needed, per Jane, is 350 - 500 yards (320 - 457 m) roughly of sport or DK weight yarn.  The yarns we offer in our kits can mostly knit as DK weight with one or two exceptions. 

We set up a color grouping that I like very much.  

Oh!  And you notice all the neat fringes that are part of this design?  We are going to include bells with each kit -- your choice of silver or gold (brass).  And an assortment of large daggers and tear drops, so you can play around for the look you like. 


Here is what we have in each:

1. From The Alpaca Company, Astral is a 30% alpaca/ 20% merino/ 50% tencel blend of a singles yarn with 197 yards/ 100g.  The colorway is Cream, pure and simple. 

2.  Astral again, this time in a rich colorway called Gemini.  This is a color that's hard to describe.  In incandescent lighting it has a copper look to it.  Under the sun, it looks like a metallic merlot.  So think of it as a sort of copper-y wine?  

3.  From Crystal Palace, a novelty yarn called BeBop.  This is 100% nylon, with an amazing sheen to it, and lots of little tendrils.  There are 64 yards/ 50 grams and the ability to morph into many gauges depending on how it is used.  The colorway is called Sable and is a rich blend of varying browns, coppers, and blacks.

4.  Also from Crystal Palace, this yarn is called Aria.  With 38% Rayon Viscose/ 35% Merino/ 18% Polyester/ 9% Nylon, there are 134 yards/ 50g ball.  It has an intriguing nubby texture alternating with sections of chenille. The colorway is Marguerite and is a bright spot of color amidst the other more neutral tones.  Here you will see yellow and cobalt and rose and violet and some peach as well. 

5.  A long discontinued yarn, this one from Noro, Airisu is a 54% rayon/ 38% silk/ 6% cotton/ 2% nylon blend with 55 yards per 50g.  Even though it is essentially a super-bulky and thus much heavier than the other yarns, in Jane's designs it could work beautifully with judicious use.  The colorway was never named, just numbered (#1) -- it is quite striking with white and black and grey and sections of a brilliant yellow (to pick up and dance with the yellows in Marguerite).  

So your kit will include one skein of each yarn as described above for a total of 647 yards.  If you would like an extra of any of these, contact us and if we have it we'll set you up with it.

And at least four bells in either a silver tone or a brass (if you have a preference for either or even for a mix of both, let me know) plus an assortment of larger daggers and drops.  

The Pattern

Reminder: the kit will not automatically include the pattern.

I know some knitters prefer to get it directly as a PDF file of the pattern from Jane via her Ravelry web page. In that case, make sure the drop-down menu is set to "No Pattern Needed."  

This is actually what we would recommend as this way the pattern is saved for you in your Ravelry library and you will also automatically get any needed updates.  

Alternatively, if you would like a printed copy, then go to this page for that.