Curly Scarf/ Taiyo Sport

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Other versions of Karen's design follow.
Other versions of Karen's design follow.

Another neat project, a fairly quick knit, that is quite fun to make and a great gift idea!

This is Eyelet Edge Curly Scarf by Karen Turnbull

The pattern should be gotten from the designer via her Ravelry page here.

And here is how she describes it: 

The stitch pattern and the multiplying increases are adapted from several other curly versions as well as listening to various likes and dislikes (i.e. not too this; not too that).

Combining all the best design elements in one project results in a bold yet delicate ruffle with a dramatic finishing edge.

The scarf fulfills all its curly glory upon completion of bind off. Requires 250 yards for 52” length or 300 yards for 56” length. Both versions are approximately 4” wide. 

Our kits are made up of one skein of Noro's Taiyo Sport, a 60% cotton/ 15% silk/ 15% wool/ 10% nylon with 349 yards (320 meters) per 100 grams (3.53 ounces).

The colorway we offer is simply named Color 9.  It ranges from a lovely cream into aqua into lilacinto brown and back to cream.  

Fun and fast and fantastic!