Curvature: A Kit

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The yarns in our kit, as described here.
The yarns in our kit, as described here.
Jane's original piece, © Jane Thornley
Jane's original piece, © Jane Thornley

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Jane Thornley is a most unique designer, a writer of patterns that are truly closer to being "recipes" as she liberates the knitter into creating a very personalized piece. 

This one, called Curvature, really appeals to me and I asked Jane if she would be alright with my putting together kits for it.  


Please be sure to get your pattern directly from Jane on her Ravelry page here.  What we offer is simply sets of yarn that will look great for this. 


The Design

Here is what Jane writes:

Curvature is my exploration of the curved shape translated into a long, curvy-ended wrap that reminds me of butterfly wings. It features short rows, a small stranded feature above each curve I call the wedge, and holes, lots of holes!

Every year I like to add one air-conditioned wrap and here is the 2019 edition.

What makes this one unique is the curving ends that wrap around you like butterfly wings. Now that I think about it, the piece would look lovely in butterfly colors but then, I suppose that any combination could be butterfly colors, right?

This wrap actually is knit in two pieces beginning at the center and working to the end. The second piece is picked up from the first cast-on row edge and worked in opposite direction roughly repeating the first section (I say roughly because I never duplicate anything exactly). The business of creating that curving edge is best handled top down rather than bottom up, you see. The winged effect is further enhanced by gradually increasing the number of stitches as the work progresses towards the edges.

Are you with me so far? The piece measures 70” from end to end including the winged edges with 37” across at the narrowest (middle) section and 41” across at the widest (ends).

The Yarn and Colorways

Our yarn is not the same as what Jane used in her original.  You can see our yarn sets in the inset photo, bottom left on the top picture and again below it.

The photos of Jane's original piece are shown here with her permission to give you a good idea of the design. 

She recommends that one use at least 6 colors and between 700 and 850 yards and suggests DK weight yarn (though other weights will work well also).  

We put together a delicious combination of yarns, 6 skeins that were selected to work nicely together. 

From far left to right in the photo you will see:

1. Noro's Silk Garden Solo (45% silk/ 45% mohair/ 10% wool with 110 yards/ 50g) in a wonderful grass green named Kitakata.  It is an almost-solid, with some tweediness in lighter tones. 

2.  Noro's Kibou (54% cotton/ 34% wool/ 12% silk with 295 yards/ 100g) with the Noro signature long color runs.  This colorway is simply labeled as #14 and includes borwns, golds, greens, violets, and pinks. 

3.  Malabrigo's Rios (210 yards/ 100g, 100% superwash merino), a colorway witout a name (called a "single lot") that is mostly burgundy and rust blended together in a rich tonal mix. 

4. Rios again in a deep gray-plum named Plomo

5.  Noro's Kumo (41% viscose/ 35% cotton/ 12% silk/ 12% wool with 393 yards/ 100g), in a neutral grey-ecru named Tonami

6.  Lorna's Laces' Shepherd Worsted (100% superwash merino with 225 yards/ 4 oz) in the color called Grapevine, an almost-solid that is a delightful violet. 

Total yardage is well more than you will need -- we wanted to be sure you had enough colors to play!