Custom Beads for Beli

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This is for one full set of beads as specified for the Beli Shawl.  

Each set will include a mix of 8/0s (roughly 35 grams = about 1,400 beads) plus about 50 grams (+ or -) of a mix with larger beads including 6/0s, cubes, triangles, magatamas, tear drops large and small, daggers, and fire polish crystals. 

Please note that the pattern calls for lace weight yarn and these beads will not all fit on anything heavier. 

You must let me know the colors of your yarn and/or the colors you'd like included.  In order for this to work at all, we have to have a good conversation going.  

Please give me a short statement via the "Comments" section as you check out and also send me an email via the Contact Us page. (Sometimes Comments get stripped off the order, so let's use a belt and suspenders both.)

A photo is great but monitors vary so by all means send me a picture but include a descriptive paragraph as well.

If I have any other questions, I will email you.  If you have any other questions, please contact me as well. 

P.S. If you are interested in a bead mix that can be used with heavier yarns, see this web page.  Note however, that the numbers of beads will not be the same as with these.