Cynthia/ A Beaded Shawl Pattern by She-Knits

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This really intrigues me. A beautiful bead-as-you-go lace shawl which is worked sideways in one piece by Sharon of She-Knits.

Note: The original pattern is 56 pages long, with links to videos and detailed directions for every part of it. If that is what you would like, then email me and I'll direct you to where you can get it. What Sharon did for us her is a shortened eleven page version, containing links and directions but charted only. That way we can print it out for you and include it with yarn and beads to make a wonderful kit.

Sharon describes this beauty as an excellent “learning” pattern in that there are descriptions of all the techniques used in the notes in the beginning of the pattern as well as the videos that you can link to.

The shawl needs 750 yards of fingering weight yarn and 445 size 6/0 beads that are added via very thin crochet hook. This will give you a size after blocking of 80”long and 20”high at center point.

Sharon recommends that the beads be of a similar hue to the yarn but a bit darker. You can see that look in the photos here.

Great fun and quite beautiful indeed.